Summer Special at Phantom Reign Studios -  a 24 Track Digital Recording Studio located in Ingleside, IL.  

$50 per song!  

The recording console is an Akai DPS24 24 Track Digital Audio Workstation.  You can check it out at   It is a professional recorder that  gets professional results.  It has full editing capabilities that rival Pro Tools.  The $50 per song includes recording, mixing and mastering to a Redbook CD.  No matter how long a song is or how long we spend recording, mixing and mastering, the price is still $50 per song.  The reason I'm so inexpensive is that I'm trying to build a client base as quickly as possible.  I only ask that a 50% payment be made before recording starts.  There is no charge for set up.   You can use your own drums, amps and microphones, but I have all that plus more!  I have Marshall, Line 6, Fender, Pearl, Zildjian, Jackson, ESP, AKG, Shure, Ampeg and even a Hammond organ.
The studio is located in my basement and it doubles as my band's rehearsal space.  It is located in Ingleside, IL -  just off Rollins Road west past Fairfield Road.  This is about 5 minutes from Round Lake/Lake Villa/Fox Lake.  I have a main room and a control room separated by glass.  You can check out more pictures here.   I have over 20 years experience recording and front of house.

The studio has a very casual atmosphere.  Playstation 2, Xbox and Game Cube are provided for entertainment.

FOH clients include Gov't Mule, Blue Oyster Cult, Dee Snider, The Outlaws, Marshall Tucker Band, Dread Zeppelin, Mojo Nixon plus many more.
I'll provide a CD master for each member of the band when we complete mixing and mastering.
If you have any other questions or want to stop by and visit, you can reach me at (847)587-2188.  If you get the answering machine, please leave a message.  You can always send e-mail too .
I look forward to the possibility of recording your band.



Clients/Sample Recordings

Naidia My Darkest Hour

Winner Takes All

Signs Of A Struggle

Kill 'Em Dead




Chaotic Downfall

Big Swirl & The Russo-Nixons

Rabid Denial

Sinister Quo Homo Iraqium

Beer On Ice Bartender


Ecosphere Heart Of Stone

Filthy McChaos Breakdown

Loknut Driven By Conquest

Red Mercury Scars Fade

Zero Vizibility My World is No More


Screaming Silence

Abandon All Hope

Sleepy Hed